10 ways to instantly increase your energy when feeling down

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10 ways to instantly increase your energy when feeling down
  1. Put a pinch or two of coarse or unprocessed salt at the tip of your tongue.
  2. Press the ST 36 area for 30 seconds on each side.
    ST 36 is an accupressure term to denote a small area just below your knee and on the outside.  Click this link for more instructions.
  3. Drink few sips of water. Repeat after 15 minutes.
  4. Of course, a shot of good ol' espresso if you can handle caffeine and if this is not your millionth cup :-)
  5. Write down 3 things that you can appreciate right now.
    Can't think of anything? Just think of one thing right now that you can really appreciate even if it is trivial.  Example, the softness of the fabric touching your skin.
  6. Jog lightly for 5 minutes.  Don't exert yourself.  Jog so that you are still able to talk or breathe easily.  You can jog in one place if you can't run around.
  7. Move your neck slowly from left to right three times and roate sideways on both sides three times.
  8. Get up from your desk, walk around your building block and come back.
  9. Think of something funny or goofy and write it to your friend or beloved.
  10. Eat a double caramel ice cream milk shake blended with deep fried donut batter and condensed milk, topped with fried oreo cookies.  Just kidding! We were practicing tip #9 :-)
Hope you find these tips useful.  What works for you?  Any effective or cool tip to share? Please share in comments.

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  • Chris on

    I didn’t even know about tip #2, re:acupressure point. I tried it. It works! Thank you! :-)

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