Why should I buy Oorja?  There are many good bars out there.  What makes you different? How will I really benefit from it?
We are glad you asked.
Next time you buy a protein bar, check the ingredients. We guarantee they’ll have some ingredients most people have never heard of. Oorja doesn’t.
Oorja has all the good, none of the bad, and it tastes great. So obvious, and yet so hard to find in other bars. 
Oorja is the only protein bar that can claim this:  highest amount of protein & fiber for the lowest amount of sugar, sodium & net carbs and zero amount of artificial ingredients, per gram of any bar. Using REAL FOOD, natural & organic ingredients.  No GMO, No Gluten, No artificial sweeteners, heck..no artificial anything, No sugar alcohols. Unlike most bars, you will enjoy the surprisingly clean taste.
Breaking it down:


  1. Ingredients and Quality:
We don't compromise. Not even a little bit. We are driven by one thing, and ONE thing only: to boldly empower you with the best possible combination of nutrients and the highest quality of ingredients. Oorja won 1st place in the Nutrition Bar category at the Food & Beverage StartUp Expo in San Francisco (Oct 2015) above all entries from around the world, precisely because of this single minded focus.  Click here to know more about the ingredients in Oorja.
  1. You will love the taste: We make it tasty so you can enjoy while feeling good about what you eat.  Check out videos of people trying out Oorja for first time ever and their reactions
  2. Testimonials:  Check out customer testimonials here.  Also, some of the reputed forums like bodybuilding.com, where every user who has tried Oorja is raving about it.  Check out some of the independent reviews here, herehere, and here for instance.
  3. Small Batches: We always make our bars in small batches without any preservatives, so you always enjoy them fresh as nature intended. Yes, it is a more expensive way of doing things, but it is the right way to do it.
  4. Designed by Science, Made by Nature: We extensively research our ingredients through published studies in nutritional and medical science. As a result, you  benefit from the best combination of carefully chosen ingredients to deliver the most nutrients per gram.  For example,we use whey protein isolate that is cold processed and contains no artificial hormones as our main source of protein. We do not mix it with "proprietary blends".  Studies have found out that this kind of protein allows your body to absorb the most protein per gram.  Other brands add cheap and inferior sources of protein. They do this to show a higher amount of protein or to decrease the cost of their production, but don't disclose the lower bio availability of protein. 
  5. We have a hidden agenda :-) We are more than nutrition bars. We have launched successful non-profit health and fitness initiatives. Through our programs we  want to help educate people in a fun way how empowering and easy it is to follow good nutrition.  Regardless of whether they buy Oorja bars or not, we want to help educate people to get the most bang from their efforts through clever nutrition hacks. We intend to share some of our initiatives here soon.  In addition to the initiatives, we will also publish informative and very useful blog articles for you.  Check out for instance, a recent TV interview here from Bay Area KTSF TV channel where Krishna, founder of Oorja bars, shares some common sense insight on food and diet.
  6. You will love it or your money back!: We got your back with our 100 % iron clad guarantee.  You don't like Oorja bar for any reason? Return it for full refund! We only ask you provide feedback that will help us serve customers like you in future in a better way. Just email us at info@oorjabar.com with your order number for initiating the return process. Please refer our return policy for more details.
The nutrition snack market must change.  We are upsetting the status quo. Because you, the customer, deserves more.  This requires bold moves and bold initiatives. We hope you will join us by trying out Oorja bars.