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Natural Protein Bar with Unprecedented Nutrition & Taste

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Sanskrit for energy, vigor & life.

Highest combined protein & fiber*


*Amount per gram compared to all leading natural bars. Verified by third party audit.

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Happy Customers

“I'm a Personal Trainer at Fitness SF - Fillmore. I LOVE these bars -- they not only taste great, they're made with truly healthy ingredients and a pure delight to snack on when you have a busy schedule or just before coming to the club. AND, my clients also love them (I turned them onto it) and eating smarter with these bars. So far, I'm on my seventh box and counting”

Marian L., Fitness Trainer

Love love love - I cannot get enough of these. I haven’t been so excited about a bar in over 20 years. It’s delicious, doesn’t melt in the car or my handbag, has a crazy amount of protein and fiber, is low in sugar, is low calorie and is super filling. Even my 3 year old loves this bar and it’s hard to get protein and fiber into him.

Rebecca P., Entrepreneur & CEO

I can honestly say that this is one of the best protein bars that I have tasted. no exaggerations. I am no newbie to nutrition bars ... I keep trying various kinds in the market. The so called health bars in the market ain't so healthy ... sugar overdose, loaded with sodium, protein from soy leaving you bloated and gassy or just taste like cardboard. I don't know how they did it .. but I am glad they did: a nutrition bar with all natural ingredients that tastes awesome. Great job!!!

Suresh M., Ultra Marathoner

I tried Oorja bars for the first time and was blown away. I used to eat Quest bars exclusively, but will be switching over to Oorja immediately.... They also digest very well and don’t feel heavy on the stomach.

Henry H.

“..these have been the healthiest bars I've ever come across, and quite tasty as well..”

John M.

There are other nutrition bars, and each has its own particular appeal, but in my experience, Oorja stands apart with its unique taste and consistency.

Kelly C.

Without doubt one of the best protein bars. Keeps me energetic through my 6 hours of dance classes every Sunday!!! Congratulations on coming up with such a tasty & healthy choice!!

Aruna C.

Just tried the Oorja bar. Low sugar, no sugar alcohols, high protein and, GREAT TASTE! It's a winner!!!

Howard L.

Received my Oorja Bar today!!!! The flavor and texture is so much different from any other bars in the market. Out of the packet the bar is so fresh and well balanced. Have to definitely say the best nutrition bar I have ever tasted!! Already stuffed my travel bag and gym bag with all the bars. My second order on its way

Ravi U.

Designed by Science. Made by Nature.

Based on researching 100+ published studies in nutritional and health sciences, we have created a recipe using natural, non-GMO ingredients. Result? A global food innovation contest-winning bar. A bar that is clean, tasty, and nutrient-dense, just as nature intended it to be.

*Organic, ** Non-GMO

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A protein bar for those who hate protein bars

Market brands

Cardboardy / Weird after-taste

Poor or missing macros

Artificial sweeteners/sucralose

Artificial ingredients

GMO ingredients


Inferior protein sources

Low fiber

High sodium

Clean & delicious

Unmatched levels of key macros

No artificial sweeteners/sucralose

All natural ingredients

Non-GMO ingredients


High bio-available protein

High fiber

Low sodium