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Frequently Asked Questions

About the bar

What does "Oorja" mean?

Why only one flavor? Are more flavors coming?

You claim to have the highest combination of protein and fiber compared to other natural bars. Can you give more details and how did you achieve it?

Will the high fiber cause me tummy problems?

Do your bars contain GMO?

Do your bars have gluten-containing ingredients?

Have you obtained non-GMO and gluten free certification? If not, why not?

Does Oorja contain artificial ingredients?

Are preservatives used in making Oorja bars?

Where are Oorja Bars made?

Who is Oorja Nutrition Bar for?

Can I use Oorja Nutrition Bar as a meal substitute?

When should I eat Oorja Bars?

Shipping and Return Policy

What is your return and refund policy? How do I request for a refund?

How long does it take for Oorja Bars to ship?

Security and Privacy

Is your site secured?

What is your privacy policy?