Ensuring Safety and Supply of Oorja Bars During COVID-19 Outbreak

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We sincerely hope that you all are safe and healthy.

We would like to update you on availability of Oorja bars and the measures we have taken to ensure complete safety of the bars given the situation. 

Our bars remain completely safe and of the highest quality possible, as always. This is because of not only existing measures that were already in place, but also new measures to ensure full compliance in line with CDC guidelines.Our manufacturing facility has implemented stringent practices to assure that we are able to continue providing you with the delicious and innovative Oorja bars. Some practices are mentioned below:

  • Oorja bars are produced in an SQF and GMP certified manufacturing facility. SQF (Safe Quality Food) is one of the highest and world's leading standard on food safety and quality assurance certification. 
  • Enhanced cleaning of our manufacturing facility and commonly used areas in full compliance with CDC guidelines is implemented.
  • Only the most critical staff needed for production are allowed onsite. Everybody else is offsite.
  • The food ingredients are never touched by hands. 
  • The staff follow the strictest GMP practices, for which the facility was already certified. 
  • As always, we are following the best practices for safe food handling
  • Enhanced safety and hygiene standards have been implemented such as distribution of extra alcohol-based hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes at facility entrances.
  • Steps have been taken to partner with suppliers to monitor, obtain, and replenish high-demand ingredients. 
  • Facility visitation has been restricted to limit exposure in the facility

As you know, the situation is rapidly evolving and it may at some point impact the supply chain. We don't envision that to be the case. But if it does, we are fully committed to act quickly and ensure we do what is best for you.

At Oorja, our mission has always been to place your safety and benefits above everything else. The current situation only reinforces our philosophy. We remain very grateful for your support and business. We are absolutely committed to remain your trusted business.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Krish Rathi (Founder) 

P.S. Many of you are looking for reliable resources and timely updates on the outbreak and possible solutions. We put together a list of most reliable sources on the internet with a real-time newsfeed from credible sources. This includes world-famous MDs, medical institutions, and reputed news organizations. To access it, click here

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