A One Stop List of Resources for Reliable and Timely COVID-19 Updates

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Last updated: 4/28/2020

The COVID19 situation is changing rapidly on a daily basis. You need reliable updates in a timely manner from credible sources.  

To address your needs, we have compiled below, a list of some of the most reliable and promptly updated resources on the disease. This includes world famous infectious diseases MDs, healthcare institutions, and alerts from reputed news sources. Use this list to get timely updates, and not worry about missing out on anything important.

  1. Real-time dashboard : John Hopkins have developed an interactive web-based map to track cases of the virus around the world. It is updated in near real-time.
  2. Curated news-feed: For real-time updates from trustworthy sources, subscribe to this curated twitter list.  It includes tweets from reliable infectious diseases MDs, real-time news alerts from reputed sources, and medical institutions.
  3. Daily situation report: John Hopkins (again) provides a comprehensive daily situation report with global developments on spread, progress on medications and vaccines, and containment steps.
  4. Comparison with a similar pandemic from 1957: Flu pandemics seem to recur every decade with different levels of severity. Turns out, COVID-19 is more similar to the 1957 flu pandemic than other outbreaks in our history. See a very well put together twitter thread on this comparing the two and what to expect. 
  5. Vaccines and Treatments: A master tracker of sorts that tracks  the most talked-about efforts to treat or prevent COVID-19 infection.
  6. How to build your immunity against viral infections: Experts believe that those with higher immunity are less likely to get infected or have less severe symptoms if they do. While you cannot change your immunity overnight, increasing your immunity over a period of time could put you in a much better situation. We scoured tons of studies and came up with 7 science-tested ways to boost your immunity against viral infections. We picked those that are effective against coronavirus type viral infections. This article is regularly updated with latest research on COVID19.
  7. How will We Get Back to Work: This HBR article proposes a practical plan on how a country can back to work. While it specifically talks about USA, the ideas apply to most nations affected by COVID-19.
  8. Want to help?:  The food banks desperately need help. You can volunteer or donate money to your local food bank. To find your local food bank, click here.  If you happen to have some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as N95 masks, regular breathing masks, gloves, etc., please donate it to your nearest healthcare location or drop off facility. You can find your nearest donation location along with drop off instructions here. To find out more ways to help, check out this helpful article.
  9. Need help?: If you or someone you know needs help paying for food, bills, legal, etc. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, go to FindHelp.org. It lists free or reduced-cost services in every city in USA.
  10. An often overlooked fact: Social distancing and not attending large gatherings is important even if you’re young or not feeling sick. Here's why. It’s now becoming clearer that COVID-19's spread by people not showing symptoms may be "responsible for more transmission than previously thought". This would make controlling the virus more difficult, unless everyone, including young people take social distancing seriously.

Important Disclaimer:

The above article does not replace medical expertise or urgent medical care. If you think you have symptoms of coronavirus, please seek immediate medical attention.

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