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protein bar | healthiest protein bar | healthy protein bar | nutrition bar | tasty protein bar | sports nutrition protein bars
protein bar | healthiest protein bar | healthy protein bar | nutrition bar | tasty protein bar | sports nutrition protein bars
protein bar | healthiest protein bar | healthy protein bar | nutrition bar | tasty protein bar | sports nutrition protein bars

Box of 12 Oorja Protein Bars Almond Chicory Flavor

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The Oorja Almond Chicory Nutrition Bar is a delicious protein bar made from non-GMO natural ingredients.

Flavor Profile

Flavor profile is clean and just sweet enough. A wholesome taste of almond butter, honey and chicory blends a subtle hint of cinnamon freshness. Almost everyone who has tried Oorja bar likes the taste. Customers typically say that they don’t feel like they are eating a protein bar. No cardboard, no chalk, and no weird after taste. Customers have described Oorja's taste as "pleasantly chewy", "like taffy", "clean", "just the right amount of sweetness", "feels comfortable"


Nutrition Profile

Oorja provides you with award-winning nutrition as a result of relentless focus on research and countless trial-and-errors. Oorja contains highest amount of the combination of protein (17g) and fiber (16g) as compared to top-selling natural protein bars (ratified by third party audit, detailed data available upon request). Additionally, it has lower net carbs (7g), lower sugar (6g), and lower sodium (90mg) when compared to most natural bars.

All of this was achieved using non-GMO natural ingredients. We made sure there is none of the bad stuff either: No artificial sweeteners, no soy, no lab created "natural flavors", no HFCS, no trans fats, no artificial preservatives or additives, and no environment destroying palm oil.

When to Eat Oorja Bar?

Use Oorja bar as replacement for breakfast, smaller meals, post-workout supplementation or as a late afternoon snack.

Ingredients Matter

Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate)**, Almond Butter*, Soluble Tapioca Fiber**, Chicory Root Fiber**, Clover Honey*, Water, Almonds**, Vegetable Glycerin*, Sunflower Lecithin**, Cinnamon**, Sea Salt**

*Organic, **Non-GMO

Contains: Tree Nuts (Almonds), Milk

May contain traces of Peanuts, egg, soy, and other tree nuts. May contain shell and/or pit fragments.

Your Taste and Your Fitness Above Everything Else.

We kept you in mind when making this bar. Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard once said - "Making a profit is not the goal, because the Zen master would say profits happen when you do everything else right.." This is our philosophy too.

1. Each ingredient synergestically balances or complements other ingredient's features.

  • Almond Butter: Low glycemic index, generous amount of magnesium that promotes heart health, protective antioxidants, healthy flavonoids, contains several vitamins and minerals.
  • Whey Protein Isolate: Our whey protein isolate is cold processed, has no preservatives, no animal by-products and no artificial hormones.
  • Grass-fed Whey: Grass-fed Whey have increased levels of Omega 3s, improved amino acid nutrient levels, vitamins, minerals as well as healthy CLAs.
  • Chicory Root Fiber: Natural prebiotic soluble fiber, prevents constipation, helps lower cholesterol levels, provides increased fiber and balance to other fiber sources in the bar.
  • Soluble Tapioca Fiber: Provides further fiber support, feeds healthy gut bacteria.
  • Cinnamon: Known to fight inflammation and bacteria, increase insulin sensitivity, reduce blod sugar levels.and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Clover honey: Honey's well documented nutritional benefits with just a tad bit of sweetness. No sugar overload.

2. Enjoy ingredients chosen carefully from the highest quality sources possible, with care taken to avoid those that have significant negative impact to our environment.

3. Helps curb hunger

4. Doesn't use sucralose, unlike many other protein bars.  Studies have shown when sucralose is heated, it becomes carcinogenic.  This means you can safely heat Oorja bar in a microwave for 15 seconds without worry.  Enjoy a moist and absolutely yummy cookie flavor experience after heating.

5. Gluten and Grain free

6. No GMO

7. Protein sources with highest bio-availability: Your body absorbs and utilizes more protein than most other bars containing inferior sources of protein.


Please refer our FAQ section here

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Love the bars

I love the taste, and macros are perfect.

Got my box of Oorja bars. I have been eating them since then. Bought one more. Love the taste. It is not exactly a candy bar. It is a bit on the milder side. But for a protein bar, it is very tasty. What won me over is the macros. Been looking for a natural bar that has a balance of all the macros. Some bars have high sugar, some have very low protein. But Oorja hits the ball out of the park on all of them - protein, fiber, low sugar, low net carbs. Good work guys. I would like to suggest that there is some kind of a subscribe and save option.

Love the nutrition data, Like the taste fine

We are fans of this new bar. The nutrition data is solid. We don’t love the taste, but we do like it. It’s a chewier bar. The flavor is pretty mild. Take a look at the nutrition stats AND if you like what you read, give it a try.

Better than Quest Bars.

What can I say? I love them! I like the texture and the clean taste. I have this bar in the morning. I don't feel hungry till lunch. Perfect for my busy schedule. And because it is natural, I don't feel that guilty 🙂 I used to eat Quest bars and Fitjoy bars. But this is more natural and better, hands down.

Oorja bars- updated review

This is an updated review as last one i gave 1 star because as mentioned I hadn’t received - had shipping issues with my order - but i received the order yesterday and tried a bar today - very good and soft - thanks

Hi Stephanie, we sincerely apologize for the shipping issues with your order. The parcel was stuck with the shipping carrier. We have shipped a new order. We have gotten in touch with you on the email. Glad to have received a response back from you. Once again, I am sorry about the extended delay. We hope that you will enjoy your bars when you receive them this week. If there is anything else we can do for you, please feel free to respond here or email us at

Our best,
Krish (Oorja Nutrition)