Best Ways to Benefit from Oorja

Oorja nutrition bar in a wrapper and open

Oorja bar can be enjoyed anytime.

These are some of the ways our customers have enjoyed and benefited from Oorja bars:

  1. As morning breakfast. Oorja bars can easily make you feel full because of their higher fiber and easily bio-available protein content. Many of our existing customers tell us how they never have to eat anything until late lunch.  They also tend to lose weight given the overall less caloric intake.
  2. As a 3 pm snack replacement.
  3. As a pre-workout meal: When eating before the workout, eat at least 1.5 hours before the workout.
  4. As a post-workout recovery: When taking post workout, we recommend eating one 15-30 minutes after workout. Not right away.
Please note, we strongly recommend taking other well-balanced meals too during the day.