Buy One Get One Free. For first and only time in Oorja's history

buy one get one free offer
Hi Oorja community:
I have a story to share with you. And it comes with a happy ending - an amazing deal for you that's a first and the only time for Oorja. 
We make Oorja bars that have 6 months shelf life. Back in March, we were working on our current batch. Everything was going great. The bars expire in September. But then we had to stamp an expiration date of June 30th. You see, we had a new packaging label coming in at the same time, because  the FDA had made some changes in their labeling requirements that would go into effect June 30. The government forced us to put this date as the expiration date for all bars with older labels, even if they are fresh way beyond that date. 
You get the irony -- we change the label because the government required it, and then they penalized us for changing the label. 
Long story short, all of our bars that are good until September have an expiration date of June 30 printed on the label. 
Now we want to clear them out and make way for the new batch that is coming very soon. 
So we wondered, "What can we do to make an irresistible offer to you?"
And we came up with something that we are very confident you will love. 
Here it is: If you buy Oorja bars between now and June 16th, we will automatically ship you another box of Oorja bars from the new batch when it is released in July. The new batch will have an expiration of November/December 2020. So you will have plenty of time to finish the second box.

To recap: Buy one box now (by June 16), get another box in July, absolutely free! Plus shipping is free!


But there's a catch: The sale is good only while supplies last. So it could end before June 16, because the sale is limited to stock on hand. 

Hurry! Order before June 16 to take advantage of this offer.  

And there's more good news -- no coupon codes are required. As long as you buy before the deadline, your information will be automatically processed for the FREE second box. Click this link to buy now



Krish Rathi
Founder, Oorja Nutrition
P.S.  We are donating 5% of all June sales to Black Lives Matter, Campaign Zero, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. As a small business, we are trying to do our bit. I hope you join us!  
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